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Together, there are lots of things we can do to help reduce this major health and academic risk facing our children – preventable hunger.

Members are from all walks of life, including business, faith-based and community organizations, concerned citizens, school administration and personnel, and local and county government.

Why become an active partner in Food for Thought? As a volunteer, you can …network with fellow colleagues as you pack meals … serve on our speaker’s bureau … serve on a committee or special project … host a speaker … donate in-kind services … feed a child.

Let’s take a look

Learn About the Program.
Consider hosting a speaker at one of your organization meetings and become more familiar with Food for Thought and ways you can help.

Be a Volunteer
Each week during the school year, folks are needed to pack the bags of food at the distribution center in Manteo, set up the food for the next week, and then deliver the bags to the schools.  Volunteers also meet at the center to receive the food from the Food Bank of the Albemarle and Food Lion.  Or, you could pick up fresh fruit.  There are many things for volunteers to do!

Consider In-kind Services
Printing, graphics, copying and professional services are invaluable.  Consider what fits!

Consider the following:

  • donations in honor of a family member’s wedding anniversary, in memory of a loved one, and as a holiday gift in name of a loved one, for example. There is no limit to the imagination.
  • considering planned giving
  • transferring funds from an IRAs
  • donating items such as a time share, artwork, house, gift card opportunities, airline miles, all of which can be used for a silent auction
  • contributing to a giving box every time a positive event occurs in your life as a way of sharing the good fortune and when it is full, giving it to Food for Thought
  • having guests for holidays/celebrations or parties to bring a donation to Food for Thought instead of gifts, or asking guests to bring individually wrapped snacks such as fruit cups, pudding cups or individual packs of raisins for the non-profit as “admission fee.”

Join a Committee
There are five different opportunities. All committee members receive the annual report, newsletters, an invitation to the annual meeting and other events, and are eligible to serve on the board.

Feed a Child
Helping with your time and talents is wonderful.  Another way to support Food for Thought is to make a tax-deductible donation.  Why not feed a child for a school year? Each weekend, the four meals are $7.25.  That’s only $275 for an entire school year!  Or, endow a child for life for $4,500 (at today’s costs).  Remember, more than 99 cents of each dollar raised is used to feed the children.  Download the “Feed a Child” gift card here.

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Donate Directly. With PayPal:

Donate Directly. Send your check to:

Food for Thought, Inc.
P. O. Box 1167
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina 27949

Start Your Own Program
Consider your community’s needs.  Can we help you initiate a program?  Come visit us and we will be glad to share information and promotional materials.